About us

Leaders in scarce skills training..

What can Scarce Skills Training Academy do for you?  Who are they?

Simply said, we are a diverse Team of individuals that share unique abilities in different fields of expertise, and most importantly, we share a common ideal to provide an environment which promotes the maximum potential of human resources through skills development and training.  We invite an opportunity to showcase our ability to analyse your needs in order to maximise the untapped human resources available to your business enterprise, the business world and the economy,  through the most conclusive and accurate methods available to us according to Best Practice.  Get it right the first time is our motto!

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to make a difference by  empowering  the economy through Skills Development  with a professional service that has impact, follows best practice, is cost effective, and improves productivity, and minimisers the damage or loss of assets and  personal injury.

Our Vision

We envision the development of a skilled workforce that is well informed and productive, thereby contributing to an holistically healthy and balanced economic environment which benefits all Stakeholders.


We specialise in the training of operators of the following:

  • Forklifts
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Plant and Machinery
  • Small plant and Equipment
  • Drivers – Codes 10 and 14
  • Health and Safety (OHSH Act)
  • Fire Fighting and Evacuation
  • HIV and Aids in the Workplace
  • Personal Lifestyle (Finance, health, goals etc.)


  • Our Executive Team is headed up by subject matter experts in the field of labour contracting, recruitment and supply of  competent labour, including a registered attorney who specialises in Labour Law and ensures that we are fully up to date on all labour matters.
  • Our Training Director (BEE shareholder) has twenty+ years experience in the field of plant and machinery training, assessing, facilitating and moderation and is highly respected throughout the industry.
  • Our  Managing Director heads up Sales and Marketing and is the main liaison between all stakeholders throughout  the process, from needs analysis to delivery of specific outcomes.
  • Our Training Team is headed up by experts in the field of training, the logistics of training, and all legislation pertaining to acceptable standards of training and matters impacting on the workforce, whether full qualifications or skills programmes.
  • Our Marketing Team comprises a highly creative mix of people with excellent IT skills, and copy reading/creative design/logo design skills, as well as software and hardware savvy, that we will make available to you should your needs analysis define such a need.
  • Our Financial Team will ensure that your budget is respected, outcomes are delivered within the time period as closely as possible, and that a financial strategy is tailored to your needs.
  • Our Admin Team is competent, passionate about service delivery, and keep the fires burning around the clock.
  • Our Quality Management System is a living document and we endeavour to be role models in business and training management systems.

Our Training Team also comprises the following:

  • Three accredited  and highly competent Assessors/facilitators.
  • Accredited Internal and External Moderators.
  • Three  accredited and competent Coaches.
  • Two Skills Development Facilitators.
  • Memorandums of Understanding – Various accredited training institutions through a Joint Venture understanding – if we don’t have it we will outsource it. (i.e. specialised fields such as First Aid level 3, advanced fire fighting, etc).
  • Admin ensures the smooth and  speedy delivery of paperwork and certificates, prompt service, and assistance at all times.
  • All training material is accredited, fit for purpose and authentic.