Our Services comprise of the following:

  • Needs analysis 1 – are you maximising investment input to production output? Your biggest resource is human capital, how can this be improved through people development in the workplace? Training is not a stand-alone need, but has a domino effect on the entire health of an enterprise.
  • Needs Analysis 2 – what are your labour needs?  What are the scarce skills shortage in your enterprise/industry?  What are required skills? Are your skilled people competent? Is your workforce amenable to their personal development? How do we set about this in a happy and positive environment? Does the profile of the workforce fit the profile of your enterprise? Does your Team share a common goal?
  • Risk Management – what precautions must be taken to ensure payment of insurance claims, Workmen’s Compensation Claims, Liability Claims etc, or how best to avoid them?
  • Capacity Building– preparing in advance for future requirements takes careful planning and your individual strategy.  How does you budget work for you?
  • Training Needs Analysis – how can you maximise the grants and training benefits you are entitled to through the Skills Development Levies and your SETA?  Is there free training, do you qualify, and how can a training programme help you in forward planning? How does paying for training interventions benefit your enterprise?
  • BEE Score card – How can this assist your BEE rating?
  • Do you need advice on labour relations, the LRA, the CCMA, contractual obligations – stop the bus before the crash!
  • Any question on employment matters,  about employees or the workforce – if we don’t have the answers we will find them for you!
  • Get your A,B, C, to the questions on all things ‘LABOUR”!!

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